Put Your Wellness Plan Into Action

Put physical activity to work for your company. myInertia's activity package provides a total population solution that is easy to use, while creating life changing results throughout your workforce. By using our top of the line activity monitors (Garmin, Fitbit and FitLinxx options) and providing an online program, employees can simply focus on becoming healthy and having fun.

Create New Connections

myInertia brings employees together from multiple locations/depts/etc. to develop a supportive & active atmosphere.

Drive Behavior Change

Use our unlimited activity challenges, real-time leaderboards and multiple fitness devices to motivate your employees to reach new health goals.

Evaluate the Results

By using our system you can easily structure your incentives around actionable and measurable data.


Gain employees interest to maximize particpation in the program with flyers, posters and webinars all provided by myInertia. A simple one step registration code allows easy onboarding for employees. Employees strap on the fitness device to their shoe, waistband or wrist and go!
They use the account to set and track goals, participate in challenges, connect with others in mycommunity, and go on adventures. myInertia provides ongoing IT support and assistance for long-lasting engagement and easy program management. Administrators can run reports to determine return on investment, award incentives or offer premium differentials.



Allows employees to track weight, BMI and participate in weight challenges. Simply step on the scale and it wirelessly uploads to a personal myInertia account, tracking weight data in a visual trend line.


47 million people have been treated for high blood pressure yet don’t have their blood pressure under control. (CDC) Help your employees take control. The data is uploaded wirelessly to a personal account and tracked in a trend line, making it easy for employees to successfully monitor their numbers.

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