Scorecard is an automated system that tracks all wellness activities in one easy to use online platform. Employees simply track their participation progress and earn points in their personal online account, attaining different achievement levels as they go.

Awarding points, managing files and approving events are all automated, saving time to do more valuable tasks while keeping employees accountable and actively engaged.

Customizable Template

MyInertia understands that Wellness is NOT one size fits all so we developed a flexible program that helps build, manage and enhance your wellness initiatives. A custom built program and points system allows you to emphasize the activities and wellness categories most important to your organization.

Integrated Health & Fitness Feedback

The Scorecard features automated integration of myInertia’s wireless health devices, providing verifiable measurements of employees’ physical activity, weight, BMI and blood pressure.

Simplified Management Tools

  • Change and update the program throughout the year without costly programming.
  • Progress reports show employees point achievement, status level, and completed events.
  • Use the point structure and verifiable data to provide incentives or premium differentials.
  • Paperless tracking with automatic calculations.
  • Approve or deny employees participation with a click of a button, or auto-approve for a hands-off approach.
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