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Our Approach to Wellness

Since 2004 we’ve worked with clients to build healthier cultures through programs centered around 6 key elements:

Company-Specific Goals
Validated Physical Activity
Employee Motivation
Simple Program Design
HR/Administrative Efficiency
Insightful Data Analysis

1. Company Specific Goals

We understand that wellness isn’t one size fits all, so we provide a flexible framework built with your unique resources, budget and culture in mind.

2. Validated Physical Activity

No matter what plan you choose, physical activity is the core of our programs. Why? Because no other initiative impacts a broader spectrum of health benefits; and using validated activity means verifiable results and meaningful outcomes.

3. Employee Motivation

The key to any successful wellness program is motivating employees to make healthy behavior change. That’s why we’ve built our platform to give employees the daily motivation and ongoing encouragement to reach their fullest health potential.

4. Simple Program Design

By keeping things simple employees can see a clear path of what they need to do to succeed in your program. We offer straightforward communication and easy to complete tasks to visualize that path.

5. HR/Administrative Efficiency

No program can be successful if you spend too much time managing it. We want to save your time to focus on more important things, like analyzing results and motivating employees.

6. Insightful Data Analysis

Data is the engine that moves wellness programs forward. We provide ongoing reports in our administration dashboard, along with insightful analysis from our team of experts.

[ Case Study ] School District

See how we put these elements to work in real-life:

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